Sunday, February 01, 2015

Annual Airing of the WIP Pile: February is for Finishing 2015

February is all about finishing here at chez woolly.  I started doing this years and years ago -- in fact, a quick search in the archives would seem to indicate that I first started posting about it in 2006.

You will all be proud and relieved to learn that none of the projects on that first list are still hanging out and waiting to get finished.  Though I will confess that the Absolutely Fabulous afghan didn't get finished until 2012.  But let's not dwell on that!  Instead, let us turn our focus to what I'll be turning my needles (and hooks) towards this month.

Being an accounting of all projects currently extant and in progressio.

1. Knitting in Red. March 17, 2012. Long time friends of the show will remember that I started this shawl as an Intentional project with a lot of meaning attached.  I think the fact that I set up the project with such meaning and then walked away from it hasn't entirely been good for me.  Sometimes you need a rest, and sometimes you let things linger and stagnate.  This is not on my radar to finish this February, but I will be finishing it this year.  I pulled it out on January 1, during our cast off/cast on knitting and life planning party and did exactly two rows.   So it has some fresh energy in it, and I'll be adding more as the year progresses.

2. Emelie.  June 23, 2013. This was meant to be a sweater for me, but it just never gelled.  The gauge isn't quite right, and after everything I learned last summer knitting sweaters, this particular iteration of Emelie is doomed to the frog pond.  I may knit it later, but likely not with this yarn (nor in the size I cast on).

Yes, this is the same picture I used last year.
Yes, this is still exactly where I am on this sweater.

3. Circles to Squares Afghan. July 9, 2013. You'd've thought that my success with my Neat Ripple Afghan would have inspired me to pull this fellow out and finish it.  But you'd've failed to take into account my love affair with Lucy of Attic24, and not counted on the Cosy Stripe Blanket (more on that below).

4. But Not the Hippopotamus.  August 3, 2013. Crocheted, modular, adorable.  What's not to love?

And let me break here a moment and point out that these are the only projects left that were also on last year's list.  Once Emelie is frogged that leaves me with only three projects older than a year.

Normal people would probably not be impressed with this revelation, but those of you who were here for the February of 2011 and it's 25 projects, or who held my hand while I frogged the Watergarden Cardigan after 6 or more years of inactivity... those of you who know these things, you should rejoice with me.

5. Besties. September 5, 2014.  Jess and I are doing the BFF cowl by Ysolda Teague and Stephanie Dosen from Knitty Deep Fall 2012.  I'm farther along that this picture implies...but not much.

6. Little Pumpkins Socks.  September 7, 2014. I've got these hibernating because I can't even with pumpkins right now.  I'll pull them back out in June or July and finish them in time for next fall.

7. Striped Hoodie for Rowan (Emilien --  not to be confused with Emelie). September 28, 2014. I was cruising right along on this, and had most of the body done when I got Rowan to try it on. Dude grew.  Of course he did.  I got more yarn, and I'll be ripping back to where I separated the arms to embiggen it.  There were great lamentations when I realized this was going to be necessary.

So. Much. Frogging.

8. Mullspice.  October 27, 2014.Just a wee, cabled hat.  I got the yarn at SAFF last year.

9. Warren Creek Cowl.  November 2014. I've barely started this.  I basically just cast it on and then set it down.  No idea what that was about.  I didn't even start a Ravelry project page, so I'm ball-parking the cast on date.

I haven't even taken a picture of it yet.

10. Cosy Stripe Blanket. January 1, 2015. I adore everything about this.  I got 18% done and then set it aside to finish up some socks and my Denver  Cowl.   I won't finish this in February, but I may put a dent in it, depending on how things go with Rowan's sweater.

So cosy!

11. Carl's Big Dude Socks. January 22, 2014. It must be love, that's all I'm saying.

12. Stargazer Lily Hitchhiker. January 31, 2014. I may or may not have cast this on yesterday so I could work on it during February.  I admit nothing.

So there you have it.  Twelve projects, eight of which are from this past year.  I know I'm frogging one, so that puts me at eleven.

First up are the Mullspice hat and the BFF Cowl.

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