Thursday, March 21, 2013

March is For Trying to Make Mates But Making a Mess Instead

So, you guys thought I'd wandered off again didn't you?   Thought I'd spent a week basking in all the finishing I did back in February, and then gone right back to reading fanfiction and eating bon-bons didn't you?

Okay, so that's fair, but look - I've been really busy okay?  And I've been working a lot, and I like fanfiction, alright?

And besides, I didn't really quit knitting at all.   I just quit actually accomplishing anything useful is all.

In fact, in a neat attempt to fulfill the promise of "March is for Making Mates" I'm pretty sure I knit two halves of two different socks that I've either frogged or am going to frog.  So, that's like "making mates" right?  Two frogged half socks?


Well, There's a hat.  What about the hat I knit?


Um, no.   See, because I've been working, and...

Well, reading.


Maybe next week.