Friday, September 25, 2015

Hey Long Time No Post or "Where the Heck Did September Go?"

Hey hey hey, friends, remember me?

There I was trucking along and posting just about once a week ALL YEAR LONG and then BAM!  I blink and five weeks go past.  That whooshing noise you just heard was the end of the Summer of 2015.  Gone now.

Anyway.  So when last we spoke, I was showing you the sweater I made Rowan (at his request).  I'm pleased to announce that he has worn it to school of his own free will and volition three or four times.  Dude is totally knitworthy.  (I told him that he couldn't put it on the floor, so he very carefully wadded it up in a lump on his bed.  He tried.)

Rather than try to catch up with a billiondy FO posts (and honestly the thought of that alone may have held me off from updating even longer.  One of those problems that only gets worse as you ignore it), I've decided to drop a great whack of pictures on you all at once, and then resume my regularly scheduled weekly blogging.

So brace yourselves.

This summer I made some project bags:

Left to right these are a gift for Koren, a gift for Jess, what happened to my favorite old flannel shirt, a paisley sock bag for me, because PAISLEY, and a bag I made as a prize for our last Stashdown round on Ravelry.

I'm still mostly making "knock-off" Erin Lane style bags.  I want to experiment with some other construction techniques.  But for now these are making me happy.

In fact, here's a better picture of the paisley one:

I have a predictable color palette, what can I say?
I also finished up some cowls.  These are the BFF Cowl (made in conjunction with the aforementioned Jess -- she did the red and I did the blue) and the Infinitude Cowl, which is going in the gift basket.

The BFF Cowl above only shows one of the two links that I knit.  For Jess' cowl I did a "Milkweed" stitch pattern, because she's an entomologist that studies butterflies, and I think I'm funny.

Jess' Link,Unblocked
I knit a sweater for wee Miss Bu.  I actually did this one before my accidental blogging hiatus.  This is what the veiled references to "and I'm knitting something else that I can't show you" were about earlier this summer.

That ribbon tho!

I finished up some socks.

Here's one of Carl's Big Dude Socks:

I'm into the leg of the second sock now.  In fact I worked on them last night at Morgan's band concert.

I also knit up some Rose City Rollers out of ancient and venerable stash.  Stash so old that the internet tells me it was discontinued in 2008.

It took every bit of one 50g ball of Knit Picks Simply Stripes yarn.  Which was perfect, because one ball is all I had.

Oh!  I also finished up Trillian (I told you I'd been busy).  This was my "Colors of Fall" knitalong project, so here are a couple of styled "Fall looks."  (I am not a "styled look" kind of lady).

It just happens to go with my Harvest Sweater from last year, so that's a win!

And of course, I can't forget Calcifer.  I'm playing in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup this term (long story, for another blog post), and I needed a wee representative of fire.  This is so going on my Christmas tree this year.

10 yards of Fire Demon Ferocity
I think that about catches us up.   And seeing it all in one place like this... DANG.  I have to say, that's a lot of knitting, yo.  I still have plenty of WIPs of course, but this has gone on more than long enough.  Besides, I need something to blog about next time, right?