Monday, March 26, 2007

New Template

I've been feeling some spring fever lately, and decided that my blog needed a cleaner look. I'm still not convinced I'm satisfied, so I'll probably continue to tweak it.

I noticed that the pictures in my last post are completely squonked. If the formatting stays an issue, I may be changing right the heck back.

I have done some knitting, and when my daughter and her camera are available to me, I'll show you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Promised Pictures

I don't have any new content, but this new post will have what the last two did not... pictures!

Seems like I promised pictures of my Toe-Up Dancing socks. For some reason (change in gauge? tension? star charts?) the two socks turned out to be more... fraternal twins. You can tell that they share some basic genetic material, but they aren't whatchacall identical.

I like 'em though.

I had to have the obligatory "sock self portrait yoga" pose. And of course, an "action shot."

And because my husband fancies himself a humorist, a "before" shot.

The end is nigh for the Glad Raggs socks. I think that they are going to be some of the nicest (certainly most complima-cated) socks I've ever knit. As I've mentioned before, I altered the original pattern (which is sadly, no longer available. For reasons of her own, the designer had the file removed from the 6-Sock Knitalong site. I dunno why, I didn't ask.)

And last, but not least, a very purple sleeve. More pictures as the project progresses. (And other words beginning with "P")

Monday, March 12, 2007

Remote Blogging!

Okay, not really remote per se -- I'm actually in my bedroom. IN BED. BLOGGING.


How decadent is that?

The husband got a new laptop earlier this week, and so wireless routers were procured and voila!


Now that I have that out of my system I can talk about knitting (DUDE. I can totally read FANFICTION in BED!) *ahem* Sorry.

In other news, I've begun knitting Alice Starmore's Galway for Morgan. Aparrently, no one in all the blogosphere has ever knit this before. Else my Google-Fu fail me. See, I was gonna be all clever like and check to see if others of my ilk had attempted this sweater before me. But, that was only clever right up until I could find absolutely bupkiss about it. (Okay, I did fine one, entirely useless reference.) Oh intrawebs how you fail me!

I'm about a goodly 2/3 into one sleeve and so far all is well. Its PURPLE. The child wanted a purple sweater. Perhaps tomorrow when I am less remote (like, you know, in my kitchen) I'll have purple sleevish pictures.

Meanwhile, I'm about to turn the heel on my Glad Raggs sock Numero Two-oh. The end is near, and already my eye is glancing longingly at my new book. (Perhaps a review is in the offing?)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

February is Finished (but I'm not)

February is for Finishing was, for me at least, a rousing success. I finished a tank top that I started over a year ago. I think I was dragging my heels on it because I basically thought it would suck. I decided to go ahead and finish it because a) I was in blood so far stepped, twould've been as tedious to turn back as to go o'er, and b) I figured it'd be good experience. This was my first adult sized sweater-ish object. Go me.

I've also finished my Toe Up Dancing Socks (pictures will be forthcoming). These had stalled out because I needed to do the short-row heel and I'd never gotten around to fishing out the directions. And speaking of socks, I'm a 1/4 of the way into my next Glad Ragg sock now. These are some pretty lace socks, slightly modified from one of last year's projects in the 6 Sock Knitalong. These were waiting for the needles that were stuck in the Dancing socks. (Ironically I'm now knitting it using two Knitpicks options size 1 circs. Gauge be damned, these are so much nicer to knit with.)

A funktastick faux-mohair acrylic Poncho monstrousity was summarily pitched early on in the month. What the Sam Hill was I thinking? I ask you?!?

So, even though I still technically have 6 UFOs left, I feel ever so much freer. I really feel like I've accomplished something.

I'll be finished with my other Glad Ragg sock any old time now, and plans are already in the works for a new sweater for Morgan. I've ordered some Knitpicks Shine in sport weight, and plan to make a simple little color work cardigan. Morgan helped me pick out the colors, which was fun in and of itself. More details to come!