Monday, March 12, 2007

Remote Blogging!

Okay, not really remote per se -- I'm actually in my bedroom. IN BED. BLOGGING.


How decadent is that?

The husband got a new laptop earlier this week, and so wireless routers were procured and voila!


Now that I have that out of my system I can talk about knitting (DUDE. I can totally read FANFICTION in BED!) *ahem* Sorry.

In other news, I've begun knitting Alice Starmore's Galway for Morgan. Aparrently, no one in all the blogosphere has ever knit this before. Else my Google-Fu fail me. See, I was gonna be all clever like and check to see if others of my ilk had attempted this sweater before me. But, that was only clever right up until I could find absolutely bupkiss about it. (Okay, I did fine one, entirely useless reference.) Oh intrawebs how you fail me!

I'm about a goodly 2/3 into one sleeve and so far all is well. Its PURPLE. The child wanted a purple sweater. Perhaps tomorrow when I am less remote (like, you know, in my kitchen) I'll have purple sleevish pictures.

Meanwhile, I'm about to turn the heel on my Glad Raggs sock Numero Two-oh. The end is near, and already my eye is glancing longingly at my new book. (Perhaps a review is in the offing?)
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