Wednesday, January 20, 2010

February is For What-Now?

February ought to be for finishing. And normally it is (and by "normally" I mean "any year that is not this year, or for that matter last year."

I digress.

Because you see, this year - this very February - there may very well not be any finishing. Because this year it's the Knitting Olympics-slash-Ravelympics-slash-whateverlympics.

Serious contenders this year include making a Weasley sweater for my eldest. She's nearly 16, but believes that since her name begins with the letter "R" that she has some entitlement. I am also seriously considering working to finish my Mystery Stole number... 10? I think? No -- 9. It's this one, anyway (Ravelry link). Or perhaps a shrug? A hat and mittens set? That afghan I started in 2002?

What do you think?