Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Meow" Means "Knit me a hat," in Kitty Speak.

The Yulemas knitting is continuing apace, here at chez woolly.  I've now completed 6 (count them, SIX) knitted gifts since Labor Day, and am right at halfway done with Saucy McGoogles' mitts.

"Meow" means "I like that hat, Miss Boppy.  Knit me one," in Kitty.
Comrade Twinkletoes' gift is now complete (although I do still have something else about half done for her -- we'll see what becomes of that.)

I am really not sure where all of this industry is coming from, and frankly I'm a little afraid to examine the phenomenon too closely, lest I jinx it.   It may be safely said, however, that my concurrent desire to re-watch all of the Appendices to the Extended Edition Lord of the Rings DVDs has been both aiding and abetting the knitting.

For that matter, Sunday football has helped too.

Monday, September 12, 2011


My Yulemas knitting continues apace.

So far I've managed gifts for:
  • Miss Snarfblatt
  • Marmalade Lady-Pants
  • Miss Awkward Potatoes
  • Signor Mountebank
And I'm half-way through a thing for Comrade Twinkle-toes.   I'm considering another gift for that one as well.

Signor Mountebank's Goodly Robot Hat
Despite near universal claims that he'd much rather have socks, I've made this Robot Hat for Signor Mountebank.  (Okay, there is no way he's reading this...but the nick-name thing is too much fun.)

The thing is, he's got two feet, but only one head, so there's that.  Also, the aforementioned feet have a tendency to grow about half an inch every night, so there's no way they'd fit him come December.

Of course, that said, I'm considering designing some wee little robot mitts to match.

Miss Awkward Potatoes' Tam
Miss Awkward Potatoes will be receiving this lovely and poly-chromatic tam.  (The other side is also pretty, but I didn't manage to take a good picture of it).

It's made with Knitpicks' Chroma Worsted and Swish DK.   I've never done colorwork with a yarn that changes colors like the Chroma before (although I've often admired pictures).  It was fun, and makes me look clever — so I call that a win.

The pattern is Mom's Tam.   I'm planning mitts and a scarf to go with.   We'll see how much gets done between now and then.  I figure I'll spread out the love some, as I'm hoping to manage knit gifts for many of my kith and kin this year.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Operation Knit All the Things

So far "Operation Knit All the Things" seems to be very successful.   I cast on another gift today, and am already nearly half way done.  I feel like a BOSS.   I am going to try really hard to finish it tomorrow.

Okay, three more months of no pictures and saying "it" and "the thing" is going to get real damn old.  Maybe I'll come up with clever code names for everything -- that will help!
  • So far I have one thing finished for Miss Snarfblatt.
  • I am right at half way done with the gift for Marmalade Lady-pants.
  • I am going to make fingerless mitts for Saucy McGoogles.
  • Little Miss Awkward Potatoes is getting a hat/scarf/mitten set.
No, no ... that's still pretty ridiculous.

How do other people blog about their Christmas knitting?

Thursday, September 01, 2011

It's the Most Wondrous Time of the Year

And I'm not (just) talkin' bout sending the kids back to school.

I'm challenging myself to come up with Yulemas gifts for people out of my stash.   I don't usually manage to get much done in the way of handknits for people (I have chronic good intentions disease.  As anyone who has read more than three posts on this blog has no doubt sussed out).  But I'm feeling pretty good about it this year.  I already have a gift finished, the pattern and yarn lined up for another, and a strong plan for a third.

I could DO this.  I think this calls for some lists.

  • My love is demonstrated through wool.  This is never wrong.
  • I use some stash, thereby creating room for more stash.  Win!
  • I like to knit.
  • I can't actually show any pictures of anything.  
  • Maybe I could post some pictures of a duck.
  • My hands get crampy.
All in all... pictureless blog posts aside, I'd say this plan shows clear promise.