Saturday, September 03, 2011

Operation Knit All the Things

So far "Operation Knit All the Things" seems to be very successful.   I cast on another gift today, and am already nearly half way done.  I feel like a BOSS.   I am going to try really hard to finish it tomorrow.

Okay, three more months of no pictures and saying "it" and "the thing" is going to get real damn old.  Maybe I'll come up with clever code names for everything -- that will help!
  • So far I have one thing finished for Miss Snarfblatt.
  • I am right at half way done with the gift for Marmalade Lady-pants.
  • I am going to make fingerless mitts for Saucy McGoogles.
  • Little Miss Awkward Potatoes is getting a hat/scarf/mitten set.
No, no ... that's still pretty ridiculous.

How do other people blog about their Christmas knitting?

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