Thursday, September 01, 2011

It's the Most Wondrous Time of the Year

And I'm not (just) talkin' bout sending the kids back to school.

I'm challenging myself to come up with Yulemas gifts for people out of my stash.   I don't usually manage to get much done in the way of handknits for people (I have chronic good intentions disease.  As anyone who has read more than three posts on this blog has no doubt sussed out).  But I'm feeling pretty good about it this year.  I already have a gift finished, the pattern and yarn lined up for another, and a strong plan for a third.

I could DO this.  I think this calls for some lists.

  • My love is demonstrated through wool.  This is never wrong.
  • I use some stash, thereby creating room for more stash.  Win!
  • I like to knit.
  • I can't actually show any pictures of anything.  
  • Maybe I could post some pictures of a duck.
  • My hands get crampy.
All in all... pictureless blog posts aside, I'd say this plan shows clear promise.

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