Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Meow" Means "Knit me a hat," in Kitty Speak.

The Yulemas knitting is continuing apace, here at chez woolly.  I've now completed 6 (count them, SIX) knitted gifts since Labor Day, and am right at halfway done with Saucy McGoogles' mitts.

"Meow" means "I like that hat, Miss Boppy.  Knit me one," in Kitty.
Comrade Twinkletoes' gift is now complete (although I do still have something else about half done for her -- we'll see what becomes of that.)

I am really not sure where all of this industry is coming from, and frankly I'm a little afraid to examine the phenomenon too closely, lest I jinx it.   It may be safely said, however, that my concurrent desire to re-watch all of the Appendices to the Extended Edition Lord of the Rings DVDs has been both aiding and abetting the knitting.

For that matter, Sunday football has helped too.
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