Sunday, October 02, 2011

Wherein I Discuss Gifts in Couched Terms and Have no Pictures

I'm pretty sure that with a blog title like that, you can't wait to read this.

I've slowed down quite a bit on my knitting because I hurt my wrists this week (a combination of too much knitting and moving a couch.  Waily.)   I'm going to try to get some more done this afternoon though while I watch football, so all is not lost.

I starting trying to make up a mitt pattern to go with the Tam I made for Miss Awkward Potatoes (hey!  I can show a picture.)  Here's the tam in question:

A Fine Hat
I had a bit of a gauge accident though, and the result was something not fit for man nor beast nor wee little girl.  So, back to the proverbial drawing board on that one.   Also, worsted weight color-work with magic loop technique and only 40 something stitches is whatchacall AWKWARD.

My gift for Saucy McGoogles is more than half done.   I can post no more here, lest they be reading, but suffice it to say, my plan continues apace.

On a final note, I would like to report that I have been more prolific in producing knits in the past few weeks than perhaps at any other time in my knitting career.  That sentence had a preponderance of "p" words.   Anyway.  My plan (there's another one) to knit from stash was dashed when I realized that my yarn is nearly all lace and fingering weight.   The lack of worsted weight yarn in my stash, and my previously demonstrated inability to finish projects in a timely manner may be directly related to one another.  I'm just sayin'.
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