Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Icepocalypse Wasn't as Good for My Production as You Might Think

We had a spot of weather here in Middle Tennessee this past week.  If by "spot of weather" you mean "state of emergency, schools closed for a week, no bread to be found in the entire state, and thank G-d I have a laptop so I can work from home"... and I do.

Folks who move to Tennessee from more northern climes scoff at the way that Tennesseans panic, close schools, buy all the toilet paper, and run off the roads at the prospect of half an inch of snow.  And rightly so, because for the love of Pete, has anyone checked on Boston lately?  I mean, is it still there?  How can we be sure under all that snow?

But what the carpetbaggers folks from out of town don't understand is that it's not the snow that gets you.

It's the ice.

Things were shut down all over the mid-state (even Famous Dave's BBQ sent out an email saying they were closed).   By Wednesday I was starting to get a little wild-eyed, so for the safety and well-being of all those with whom I cohabitate, I drove into the office, about 20 miles to the west.   The drive didn't get dicey until I was almost there, but the 4 hours of blessed quiet and giant monitors was totally worth it.   It was a bit of a ghost town, since anyone who could do was working from home.

But then on Thursdays the temps plummeted, and on Friday we had yet MORE weather, so home again I stayed.

You'd think that all of these snow days would have given me plenty of time to knit and crochet, but it turns out that while it is a great benefit to be able to work from home during bad means you have to actually work from home during bad weather.  So away I slaved in the kitchen, while Carl, Morgan, and Rowan played video games on the couch not 15 feet away, alas and woe, etc.

Which is not to say that I haven't gotten anything done, of course.   Jess' BFF Cowl Link (not to be confused with a cowlick, as that's different) is done.  I've yet to make my link, but March is for Making Mates and all that, so I'm calling this done for purposes of February is for Finishing.

Rowan's Sweater is to the ribbing.  Another 12-15 rows and the body will be done.

My Happypotamus is much further along than the last time you saw it.  I took these pictures this morning, but I'm farther still now (the light is too crummy to show you.  So, like this but more so).

And I even hauled out my Cosy Stripes Blanket one night, when everything else was on my nerves.  My magic spreadsheet tells me I am now 21% done.

Okay, so I maybe I did knit while I was "at work" but only a little...and in my defense I was watching a webinar.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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