Monday, January 19, 2015

Topsy Turvy

I'm writing this a day late due to Great Doings that are taking place in my house.

The husband and I decided to finally lay hardwood flooring down in our bedroom, which of course means that we had to completely empty it out, and then when we popped off the trim, the paint needed redoing and then...

Let's just say it's a big job, and it seems intent on growing every time I turn around.

In other news, my closet is apparently a TARDIS, and I am a Time Lord.  And nearly 14 years is a long time to spend folding time, space, and stuff into one small area.  It is my fervent hope, desire, and intention to put back less than I took out.

My poor husband's poor office.  Also I can't find my pants.
When I got home from work on Friday most of our bedroom was in our living room (there are yarn shelves in my kitchen -- which frankly is the least traumatic part of all of this, as far as I'm concerned...though I can see where others might disagree.  If by "others" you mean "my husband" ... and I do.)

This part is pretty nice.  Easy access!
Saturday was for hauling out the old carpet, finding staples and nails and pulling them out, and CLEANING.  Dang that was a lot of funk in that room.

Sunday was painting, and today I am at work whilst my dear husband is at home slaving away with laying down the floor.  (I have no pity.  He likes it.  And this is all his fault anyway.  So there.)

Cutting in the ceiling.  Like a boss.
You'd think that all of this industry would leave little time for knitting -- and mostly you'd be right.

I did finish the first of my Double Gusset on Bottom Toe Up Socks (pattern by Carrie Ramirez).

For NEW TECHNIQUE TUESDAY I discovered that Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off is both surprisingly stretchy and a bind-off.  Discuss.  (I don't think it was really a Tuesday, but I did try a new technique.  I used this tutorial, based on the article in Knitty Fall 2009.)

I also knit the second of my Beer and the Voice socks with a great deal of vigor.  So much vigor, in fact, that I earned over 2000 steps on my Fitbit.  Without a word of a lie I was sitting on my couch like a great lump (well, a great knitting lump) when the "You hit your step count!" buzzer went off.  I've never noticed that happening before, and all I can figure is that I was being REALLY REALLY PRODUCTIVE.

These socks are not going to last me on the needles until February -- I am thinking I'll need to cast on another Vanilla pair just so I have some good purse knitting.

I worked a bit on my Denver Cowl, but it basically looks exactly like it did last week... only wider.  I won't bore you with another picture until there's something to see.

Tune in next week for exciting news about February is for Finishing!  And maybe even a Finished Object, if my VIGOROUS sock knitting continues.

And maybe a finished bedroom too, please G-d.
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