Sunday, January 04, 2015

Ripply Goodness

GUYS! GUYS! GUYS!  I totally finished my Neat Ripple afghan!  After I wrote my last post I went home and powered through the last little bit, got the ends woven in and tidied and managed to raise my total 2014 yardage count to over 10K.  Dang.  (Most of that additional 2,000 yards weren't actually worked during 2014, I feel compelled to clarify).

It's about 39" x 72".  I used 1.5 skeins of 6 different colors of Knit Picks Brava (bought back in 2012, so it was all Turkish).  I used a size K hook, which was way too big.  By the time I realized it, I was in blood too far stepp'd, etc. so I just carried on.  Next time I'll use a smaller hook.   I still have some old school Brava in stash so arguably there could be a next time.

It's squishy and cuddly and warm and lovely and I'm delighted with it.

On January 1 my two besties and I all sat around my kitchen table for several hours talking, planning, day-dreaming, and setting our intentions for the year ahead.  We've been doing this together for something like 15 years now, and it's become an important part of my yearly cycle.  This year we added something a little new.  In my last post I mentioned that I planned to cast something off and to cast something on both on New Year's Day.    All three of us did that together as we talked.   Koren worked on her delicious Malabrigo Cowl and Jess finished up her Endpaper Mitts and some socks on New Year's Eve.

I finished the Grace Lace Beret that I was making for Morgan.  (I used Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool from stash, and Size 8 needles.)

Google+ made this "auto awesome" montage for me.  I couldn't resist.
I also decided to bail on a project that I wasn't loving, so I had two things finished (frogging is a kind of finishing, after all).

So this is what I started:

The Denver Cowl in Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein in the "Coffee Break" colorway (this picture does not do justice to how delicious this yarn is.  DEE LISH US), and the "Cosy Stripes Blanket" by Lucy of Attic24.   It uses 15 different colors, and so far it is making me deliriously happy to work on it.  Each stripe I add changes the overall look and it is delightful.

What are you working on?
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