Sunday, January 03, 2016

Setting Intentions, 2016 Edition

Every New Year I think about what I want from and for the coming year.  Health, productivity, a clean house, specific projects I'd like to accomplish, that sort of thing.  I've got a lot of ambition for 2016, and I'm ready to start making it happen.  

On New Year's Day as I sat with three of the best people I know, I closed the books on one or two things.

Where Dwell the Brave at Heart
I knit Wee Weasley sweaters for the family for Christmas this year.  And predictably enough I finished all of them but the one intended for me (I figured I could always make mine later, right?  It's not like I was surprising myself.)   Koren and Rhiannon both very wisely pointed out that if I didn't cast the thing on and finish it though, and if I didn't do it right now while I still have the pattern memorized, well... I never would.  

Dang, That's a Lot of Ravenclaws
I also finished the toe on my Halloween sock (yeah, I know.  But I'd already finished my Christmas pair, and Halloween comes every year.)

I finished projects that were lingering, and projects that were intended for no purpose but my happiness.   

In 2016, may I finish what I start, even when it isn't new and exciting anymore, and may I remember to pursue my own joy.

So, a few projects cast off and completed, I moved on to beginning new things.

I cast on the second Halloween sock, because while I could wear one Halloween sock and one Christmas sock and call it good... I'm not going to.

I still love that orange stripe.
I also cast on an entirely brand new project.  An ambitious project, one that calls for around twelve hundred yards of fingering weight yarn in some of my very favorite colors.   I'll be knitting the Lilli Pilli shawl by Ambah O'Brien as my Potions OWL in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup.

I'm only just begun, and I'm looking forward to working on it over the next few months.  Since I'm doing it as part of an online game with other knitters, I have an externally imposed deadline that will help me keep this from languishing.

In 2016, may I continue to work towards completing what's already begun, while still looking forward to the next wonderful opportunity.  May I know myself well enough to find solutions, games, and motivations that will help me succeed in everything I attempt.

So Say We All.

Crafting Goals for 2016

I don't do resolutions.  While there is certainly societal pressure to be resolute in January, there is surely just as much pressure to categorically fail in February.  I'd just as soon skip all that.  So while I don't have any resolutions to share with you, I do have some goals.

In 2016, I would like to complete greater than 10,000 yards of knitting and crochet.  For context, in 2014 I hit 10,751.  2015's total hit a nice 10,415 (if you have a Ravelry account, you can see my 2015 finished projects here).  So essentially my goal is to carry on grooving.

In 2016, I intend to complete 16 pairs of socks.  (This idea was totally ripped off of inspired by Mediapuruana. I'm not actually playing along other than in spirit.)  Socks that were on the needles in 2015 count, so long as they are finished in 2016.  So my current standing is 1/16.  Woot!

In 2016, I will limit my yarn purchases to festivals, shows, and the two yarn clubs I'm currently enrolled in ('s sock box, and the Erin Lane Indie Yarn Carnival, in case you were wondering.)   Jess, Koren, and I are making plans to go Yarny Tonkin' in Nashville at some point this year.  For my purposes that counts as a festival (I bet there will be sushi involved), but I only get to do this once.   I've done a great deal of yarn acquisition in the past year and a half.  And I ain't even sorry.  But I'd like to slow down and enjoy some of the really excellent yarns I currently own. Also, I'm about out of room.

In 2016, I will finish my three oldest, biggest, or oldest AND biggest works in progress:

My Circles to Squares Afghan, which is about 50% complete.

My Cosy Stripe Afghan, also at 50%.

And my Knitting in Red Shawl.  I estimate I'm around 65 - 70% on this one.

This one has a lot of Intention in it, and I've left it to linger for far too long.  I've already begun working on it again, and it feels good to put some new and fresh energy into it.

What are your Intentions and Goals for 2016?
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