Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sockwatch '16

As you'll no doubt remember, one of the goals I set for myself is to complete 16 socks in 2016 (not pairs of socks... I'm not a mad-woman, just sixteen socks.  They don't even have to all have mates.)

There are 52 weeks in the year, and divide that by 16 socks you get...

pulls out calculator app on computer, sticks tongue out while poking the buttons

... 3.25.  So figure I knit one sock every three weeks, I'm golden.

And when I put it like that it sounds like crazy talk.  But I'll remind you that I knit 7 pairs of socks in 2015 without particularly trying.  I also once knit 4.5 socks in one memorable February.

It's a stretch goal, is what I'm saying.  But achievable.  My good sense and the need to not attract public humiliation and a good sound smiting from the Knitting Goddess will keep me from declaring it "a piece of cake" or "no problem," but I'm cautiously optimistic.

It helps that I'm all but a kitchener away from having 2 socks done already.

Matchy-matchy Achievement:  Unlocked!
And since I knew that sock knitting was a big part of my 2016 Knitting Goals, I very cleverly (I hope) proposed two pairs of socks as part of my "Order Mission" in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup.   A Mission should represent 6-8 weeks worth of work, and we got the green light to cast on Sunday, January 24.

I'm knitting Crocus vernus Socks by Hunter Hammerstein.  These are from her Knitter's Curiousity Cabinet, Vol. 1 collection.  It's a series of sock patterns that are based on drawings of various botanical subjects.  Lovely.  I'll be knitting more from this book, I think.

I had trouble getting a color accurate picture of these -- the yarn is slightly less variegated appearing in person.  Overall I'm really pleased with how they're coming along.

I've also started what I'm calling my Zombody Loves You socks.  I'm using the Vanilla Latte Socks pattern by Virginia Rose-Jeanes.  The yarn has a spiraling effect that is presenting as almost self-striping.  They are my post-apocalyptic Valentine's Day socks.

I came really close to knitting these in a traditional "welt" pattern and calling them "Love Hurts" because I think I'm funny.

I went ahead and cast both pairs on at once because the Crocus vernus are too involved for good purse knitting, and sometimes a girl just needs to knit something she doesn't really have to think about.

These two pair both have to be done by March 20, or I won't get my invisible internet points (internet points are remarkably motivating, turns out.)

And of course, I do still have the first sock of a pair of Monkeys on the needles.  They'll get their turn too.  Here's a picture I took last October, which is the last time I actually laid hands on them.  

#sockwatch16 count: 1/16 ... for now.
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