Sunday, January 17, 2016

Monogamy Totally Means "With Three," Right?

This past week I've gotten a lot accomplished, and it's all down to project monogamy.

Or, how I do monogamy, anyway, which apparently means that I'm only spending my time with three projects instead of eleventy-nine.

Close enough.

The three projects I've been monogamous with (hey, they all know that they are special.  Love the one you're with, amirite?) are:

Lilli Pilli -- my spreadsheet tells me I'm at a solid 25% with this one.  As I've mentioned before, I'm doing this for my Potions OWL in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup.  OWLs (Ordinary Wizarding Levels) in the Harry Potter novels are the exams the students take in their fifth year, to help determine their course of study as upperclassmen.  In the HPKCHC an OWL is a project that you expect to take 2-3 months of solid work.   I'm trying to get as much done before the 24th as I can, as that's when I can cast on my Order Mission.  (I promise it all makes a weird sort of sense if you're in the middle of it.)

Shawl in Progress, with Bonus Dead Grass and Door Mat in Background
Since it is my Potions OWL, I've renamed the project, "For the Potions Master."  RIP Alan Rickman. You will be missed.

That Orange Stripe Tho' - Halloween Socks -- these are my purse knitting, and my "I can't knit lace and talk to you at the same time" knitting.  

These are just like they were last time you saw them.  Only more so.

And then I finished up the Barley hat I mentioned last week for 25000 Tuques. It knit up in under a week, but I figure there's really only two or three days of knitting in there.  Worsted weight hats are fast, yo.  And I used up the other half of that skein of Heartland, so good job all around.

Barley Hat Expertly Modeled by "Sullen Hipster" Best Friend
(Trying Not to Crack Up)
And then, because I can't leave well enough alone, I've started another hat for 25000 Tuques.  This is Laurelhurst out of some Wool of the Andes I had in stash.

What?  That still only counts as three -- I finished one!

Monogamy.  I'm doin' it right.

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