Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesdays are for Works in Progress

If you remember from the end of February (and if you don't, I totally wouldn't blame you, because I had to go look it up myself to be sure) I had four projects still on the needles after my last, wildly successful, bout with February is for Finishing.

I had the Watergarden Cardigan from years ago, my Knitting in Red Shawl, a not-nearly-tacky-enough crochet afghan, and my improvised Granny Halter Top.  So, that's four things, and save an hour or two spent pleasurably with the halter last Friday night, I haven't touched a single one of them since Feb 28.

And see, this is  how I get myself into these problems in the first place.  (If by "these problems" you mean "having 18 things on the needles, more than half of which you haven't touched in three years" ... and I do.)

Once I was released from the enforced finishitude that is February, I instantly cast on a whole whack of projects (as per usual).

I started and frogged two pairs of socks (that was fun, let me tell you.  Gauge and I have a hate-hate relationship)  I've started two MORE pairs of socks (I'm into the second sock on one pair, so that one's likely to stick, thank goodness), some gnome mitts for my niece, two baby sweaters, a Hitchhiker, and, uh... maybe something else?  I don't even remember anymore, it's that ridiculous.  Oh, a hat.  That's right, I made a hat. 

Anyway, I'm all about starting something new, so I'm not worried about it, but I've been craving a bit of structure in my life.  I feel the need for an arbitrary rule or two, just to keep me on track and to give me a goal to work on.

So, to that end, I present to you:  Wednesdays are for Works in Progress.  (Not an original, alliteration, I grant you, as a quick google search will reveal, but it will do.)

I hereby commit, for the duration of the time between now and when I decide it's boring and I don't want to anymore, to only knitting WIPs on Wednesdays.  For our purposes, I'm choosing to define "WIPs" as "stuff what was on needles or hooks on Feb 28."  They are really closer to UFOs than WIPs, but I decided that thUrsdays are for UFOs was pushing it.

First up?  The Granny Halter:

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