Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Win February

This has been a wildly successful February for me.  (No doubt in part because I got on the finishing train back in January) -- but whatever the reason, I have been a finishing fool.

Let's recap.   On February 1st I had eight projects on needles (and/or hooks):
  1. Watergarden Cardigan
  2. Fourth Doctor Scarf
  3. Knitting in Red
  4. Catching Dreams for Baby
  5. Mitts for Rowan
  6. Drop Stitch Scarf
  7. Ripple Afghan 
  8. Summer Halter Top
I'm down now to four projects -- two knitting, and two crochet.   I don't remember the last time I only had two knitting projects on the needles.  Probably in 2000, the month I started knitting if I had to guess.  

(I confess that the urge to cast on was hard upon me this week.  It didn't help that my dear husband was all, "Cast on some socks!  You've earned them!")

Anyway, here are the current standings (still in order of age):
  1. Watergarden Cardigan
  2. Knitting in Red
  3. Ripple Afghan
  4. Summer Halter Top
Since last we spoke I've finished Catching Dreams for Baby and my Drop Stitch Beauty scarf (both links lead to my project pages on Ravelry).

Catching Dreams for Baby
Drop Stitch Beauty Scarf (accompanied by Left-over Yarn)
I'm close enough on the top that I could have it done by the end of this week (it was a toss up on Tuesday.  Do I focus on the halter?  or the scarf?  I could have finished one or the other but not both.  The scarf won on account of February.  It's cold now.)  

You know I'm going to cast the hell out of some shit now, right?
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