Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finishing Update

Goodness, somehow I managed to let 20 days of February slide past without an update!

Guys, I have done SO. MUCH. FINISHING.  (There's my excuse.  Can't blog!  Too busy knitting!)

On February 2, I finished Rowan's mitts.   I'm inordinately pleased with these babies, and plan to write up the pattern.

these used to be socks

Next, and many days later, I finished my Fourth Doctor Scarf.  This baby was wrapped up on February 12, which means I knit over 600 rows of garter stitch in ten days.  Woo!   This was one of my only two "old" projects still left on the needles.   I'm so pleased to be done with it, I can't even.

my old man is kinda cute

Since the 12th, I've mainly focused on adding blocks to my Dream Catcher Baby Blanket.  I've sitting at 23 of 25 blocks (I started with 13).  My current goal is to have the whole business completed by Sunday night.   I've also started making my summer halter top look like more than just two triangular coasters.

Here's a sneak peak:

over the shoulder boulder holder!  Hooray!

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