Thursday, April 04, 2013

A Better Offer

Dear Koren,

We know that when you first crocheted us up, you were filled with nothing but affection and love for our cute little granny-corners, and our bright happy colors.  We were happy too.  We really were -- we were excited to finally be a part of something, after we hadn't quite made it into that hat you'd started and finished YEARS before.

We wouldn't say that we were bitter, no of course not, maybe just disappointed that after all this time, after you'd finally fished us out of the closet where you'd been keeping us with the other cast-off and abandoned bits and bobs of yarn, after you'd finally started putting us to some kind of use and making us feel loved and wanted, that after all of that you just...

...left us.

Left us lying behind like so many over-sized coasters next to the couch in the living room at chez woolly.

Well, if that's the way it's going to be, sister, then that's just fine.  We know where we aren't wanted.

And we know where we are.  We want you to know we don't miss you at all.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Granny Squares

(With all due respect and apologies to The Yarn Harlot.)

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