Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Little Bit Each Day

As I've posted elsewhere on the interwebs, I've come to a conclusion about my Knitting in Red.

I am in the process of establishing new, healthy routines for myself. My change is slow, steady and deliberate, rather than lightning-quick.

I very much have a tendency to get excited about something and to focus on it very heavily for a little while, and then to either get bored and wander off, or to get excited about something else, or… anyway, I’m as inconstant as the moon. (Long time readers and the observant among you will note that this explains my little WIP “problem.”)

Since I am knitting this shawl as a piece of representational magic -- something that physically embodies the changes that I am making, I can not, must not abandon it. My decision, therefore, is not to worry about doing a lot of the shawl at any given time, but rather to pick it up every single day and do just a little.

I need to touch it, to add a row or a few stitches regularly, consistently. It will grow slowly over time, but slowly is okay. Slowly is good even, as slow steady change will last longer.

I'm working on new habits. To walk each day, to eat healthier foods in reasonable quantities, and knit a little bit to remind me of what I'm doing and why.

Kadollan's Knitting in Red

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