Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hippy Valurmtimes!

It's half-way through February, and I have no new finishings to report.

But!  I am making some goodly progress, so I'm not too fashed.   Having put away Nemesis, I've settled my focus on three other projects.  Of those, I expect (plan, intend, will, etc.) to finish two.

My Ravenclaw socks are my go-to plain knitting project.  I've turned the heel, decreased the gussets and am early in the "go go go" stage of finishing the foot.

Ravenclaw ~75%

 I'm still chipping away at the Absolutely Fabulous afghan.  In fact, as soon as I post this, I'll be going to work on it.  By the by -- there is actually more blanket here than there was last week.  It just doesn't look like it.  I apparently did not manage to take a picture of the new bits.

Ab-Fab Afghan ~66%
 And then when I get so tired of the Blanket of Perpetuousity that I'm ready to do something desperate, I switch over to Amelia.  I'm about an inch or so north of the waist at this point.

Amelia ~25%

I wanted to have more to report, but then most of what I have left on the needles are large projects, so I'm trying to bear that in mind.   And heck, if I just (WHEN I just) finish that afghan that will be such a huge relief.   It has been running in the background for so long, who knows how much of my metaphorical RAM will be released once it's done?

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