Monday, February 20, 2012

I Finished Something! Finally!

Finally!  Progress to report!

I've finished my Ravenclaw socks - they are a perfectly serviceable and handsome pair of plain-jane socks.

I can't seem to get a picture of them that's at all true to the colorway (I swear I'm not crazy!  They have blue and bronze.  Really!)

I heart my new phone like a hearting thing that hearts, but I do miss my camera sometimes.  Its screen went all blinky, so now I get Surprise!Pictures, since I can't see anything when I use it.

The Blanket of Perpetuousity (or the Absolutely Fabulous Colinette Kit Afghan, as it likes to call itself) is getting so much closer to done.

I lack one of the half-squares, and then the top row of three.  After that it's some crochet work to make the sides less wonky, and to hide the edges across the top and BOOM!  Blanket!

I haven't worked on Amelia much lately, and don't expect to finish it this month.   If I do end up finishing another of my projects (other than the two above, I mean), it'll be the wee scarf that I'm knitting for some Miss' birthday.

So, here are the standings as of right now:

Ravenclaw Socks
Ab-Fab Afghan -- 85%
Wee Scarf -- 70%
Nemesis -- 50 % (on hold until March is for Making Mates)
Dr. Who Scarf -- 40%
Amelia -- 20%
The Lotus Blossom Tank -- 5%
Watergarden Cardigan -- 5%

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