Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting There

This is more for my own accounting purposes than anything else (also, it makes me feel better when I see the list getting shorter). Here is what is left:
  1. Ab-Fab Afghan
  2. Dr. Who Scarf
  3. Arabella — ~75% Finished
  4. Flamin' Fingerless gloves
  5. Socks that Wanted to Be Mittens Instead
  6. Amelia Cardigan
  7. Sooper Sekrit Surprise Projeck
  8. Checkerboard Twist Socks — 50% Finished
  9. Watergarden Cardigan
I will also be frogging:
  1. BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket, not Bloody Stupid Johnson)
So, I'm down to nine projects on needles, one of which is nearly finished (Arabella) and another is a pair of socks (and March is for Making Mates).

This, from 25 on January 31. Go me!

A note on socks: I'm thinking that I am going to embrace "March is for Making Mates" and get my Checkerboard Twist Socks and the "Socks That Would be Mittens" finished up. That will leave me whatever part of March is left (if any) plus all of April to finish up my Self Imposed Sock Club socs for Mar-Apr. As of right now I'm thinking not to cast them on until I'm done with Making Mates...but I'm fickle, so we'll see. The heady rush of "it is no longer February and I am free to cast on!!!" might overcome me. It's hard to say.
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