Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Being A Compleat Accounting of February, Including Attendant Finishings

February is for Finishing turned out to be a ridiculously successful venture here in chez woolly. I started with 25 projects -- some that had been languishing on needles for YEARS.

YEARS, she says again for dramatic emphasis.

So here are the current standings:
  1. Halloween/Samhain Mystery Shawl
  2. Red Heart Afghan, started in the early 00's
  3. Ab-Fab Afghan
  4. Winter Marigold (current sock club sock)
  5. Dr. Who Scarf
  6. Arabella
  7. Blue Triangle Headscarf
  8. Flamin' Fingerless gloves
  9. Wee Toe of a Sock
  10. Socks that Wanted to Be Mittens Instead
  11. Water Shawl
  12. "Blue" Kerry Shawl/Blanket
  13. Mandala Shawl
  14. Mystery Swan Lake Stole
  15. Soleil
  16. Cheeto Socks (Gentleman's Fancy by Nancy Bush)
  17. Clapotis
  18. Amelia Cardigan
  19. BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket, not Bloody Stupid Johnson)
  20. Pink and Grey Stripedy Socks
  21. Sooper Sekrit Surprise Projeck
  22. Checkerboard Twist Socks
  23. Eala
  24. Watergarden Cardigan
  25. Awkward Red Thing
Six projects left, kids -- out of 25. I pretty much rock, I think.

(I did cast on my Mar-Apr Sock Club Sock yesterday, so I'm back up to seven active projects...but I feel like that's legit. I mean, it's all part of the plan, man.)

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