Thursday, February 03, 2011

An Update on the UFO Situation

  1. Ab-Fab Afghan
  2. Winter Marigold (current sock club sock) —Finished
  3. Dr. Who Scarf
  4. Arabella
  5. Blue Triangle Headscarf —Finished
  6. Flamin' Fingerless gloves
  7. Wee Toe of a Sock
  8. Socks that Wanted to Be Mittens Instead
  9. "Blue" Kerry Shawl/Blanket
  10. Cheeto Socks (Gentleman's Fancy by Nancy Bush)
  11. Clapotis —Flung
  12. Amelia Cardigan
  13. BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket, not Bloody Stupid Johnson)
  14. Pink and Grey Stripedy Socks
  15. Sooper Sekrit Surprise Projeck
  16. Checkerboard Twist Socks
  17. Eala —Finished
  18. Watergarden Cardigan
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