Friday, October 31, 2008

Questions Answered

Dear Kelshei,

Unfortunately, I did not get the scarf finished. I've got right under 5 feet of very handsome (if I do say so myself) scarf.

However! I have a cunning plan! I am going to have a couple of balls of yarn (along with a yo-yo and a sonic screwdriver) in my pockets, and I'm going to walk around wearing one end and knitting the other. I choose to believe that this is adorable, and not just lame.

The pattern I'm using can be found here. I'm using the Season 12 pattern, and knitting it with Knitpicks Wool o' the Andes.

Purple: Lullaby
Tan: Snickerdoodle
Brown: Chestnut
Yellow: Wheat (now discontinued)
Red: Hollyberry (which is much redder than it looks on the site)
Grey: Mist
Green: Fern

I'll see if I can get some pictures tonight and post them.


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