Sunday, January 20, 2008

2008 Knitting Goals

In January, I like to spend more time than is strictly wise fantasizing about the great feats of knitting prowess that I plan to execute in the coming year.

Come on, admit it. You do it too.

This will be the year that you knit THAT shawl (you know the one. The one that gives you palpitations when you look at the pattern). Or maybe you'll tackle complicated colorwork, or Gods help you, an Alice Starmore pattern (any of them).

So, anyway, January is when I do a lot of my virtual fantasy knitting. Once the heady rush of imaginary accomplishment leaves me, I then take stock of my time, my budget, and my skills — and then I start setting some goals.

This year I am going to knit:
  • A sweater for Morgan
  • The rest of that sweater for me
  • Lots and Lots of Socks
  • I'm going to finish a bunch of things I've got on needles. Or frog them. Or whatever.
  • I want to knit Knitty's Juno Regina out of this great Anne Schaefer I got that looks like peacock feathers... unless it ends up looking weird because it isn't a solid colorway. Lace can look weird in painted yarn. I'll need to swatch.
  • Socks for my husband. He has big feet. I'm just sayin'.
  • I'm going to finish the Mystic Waters Shawl, because I like it, and frog the MS3 Stole, because I don't
  • Other things I haven't thought of yet
So there you have it... a random and ill thought out list of knitterly goals.

This year my REAL goal is to continue to improve my skills, and to start designing my own patterns.

The rest is just gravy.
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