Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shawl? What shawl?

I think that my grand plan to complete my shawl through slow but steady progress would ultimately be more successful if I were to ever, say, pick it up. I haven't knit a single lacey stitch since I publicly announced I would complete two repeats a day. I think I'm just tired of the durn-blamed thing. I will do better.

Meanwhile, I have completed the back of Rowan's pirate sweater up to the point where I need to start shaping for the armholes. Go me! He is really excited about it — I picked up the sock I'm working on and he said "But I want you knit my pirate sweater!" Demanding little booger.

And, speaking of the socks, I'm an entire 13 rows into the Glad Raggs pattern. Size 1 needles are wee and ickle, and sharp. Ouch. That's all I'm sayin'.
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