Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hi honey, I'm home!

After a long exile, I've finally returned to the promised land internet. While my hands have not been idle while I've been away, I have no pictures, alas, to share.

Note to self: begin master plan to take over the world, thereby insuring the acquisition of a digital camera.

  • Slytherin scarf — remains unfinished, but sports a jaunty 11 stripes
  • Mystery stole — dead in the proverbial water. I need to either give it up as a bad job or get back to it. Yeah, one of those.
  • Kerry Shawl — I have actually made some pretty significant progress here. I've done around 80 rows and have about 400 stitches (increased from the original 8).
I keep fantasizing about starting a new project, but I'm trying to make myself behave and finish some of these first. Below is a list of projects I'm either seriously considering, have starting buying yarn for, or am just lusting after.

  • Ravenclaw sweater for Rhi — have acquired some yarn, and begun gauge swatching.
  • Flower Basket Shawl from Interweave Knits — it'd sure be pretty in Alpaca cloud.....
  • Irish Diamond Shawl from Oberle's Folk Shawls — this is like a real grown up pattern. Knitpicks has a new line of merino lace weight.
  • Featherweight Fantasy from Knitters #42 — Despite its somewhat ridiculous name, this shawl/stole/scarf/thing is both pretty, and reasonably gauged. I'm seriously considering this one.
  • Lace Wrap from Fall '05 Vogue Knitting — not what you'd call a real original name....but the pattern is gorgeous. Its made in cashmere, but I'm betting that the aforementioned Knitpicks laceweight merino would do just fine.
Since its already mid-August, I'm willing to bet that not a lot of this is going to get done 'tween now and Christmas. Or possibly ever. I may seriously consider working on Rhi's sweater while she's at school and surprising her for Christmas. Hmmm..... I was going to make her some school clothes anyhow, so I've a perfect excuse to measure her.....

Must ponder further.
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