Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Really Cunning Plans Revealed!

So, I sent my friend Jess an email. An innocent, sweet little email. "Hey, go check out this group!" I say. Just try one. You'll like it! The first one's free!

Mwahahahaha! my evil plot to spread The Mystery Shawl across Middle Tennessee is proceeding nicely. She posted about it in her LJ, and now more people are interested! Mwaha! Mwaha! Mwahahhaaaaaa.....

er, sorry.

Lost control for a minute there.

In other news, I haven't actually started knitting it myself yet. I'm still debating over yarn. I've got some burgundy merino stashed that I'm considering.

In still yet more other news, I started working on the Featherweight Fantasy stole from Knitter's 42 -- why no, I haven't finished the Mystery Stole, or the Kerry Shawl. Why do you ask?
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