Sunday, December 13, 2015

Big Doings

It's been the very best kind of busy here this week.

Morgan's holiday band concert was Thursday night.  It's set up so the music never actually stops from start to finish -- they rotate through the full band, the jazz band, various solos and ensembles without ever stopping.  There was a very cool acapella drum piece done by the drumline."  One of the drummers sat in the middle of the stage and played "air drums" while the rest of the drum line stood behind him and "sang" what he was playing.  It was seriously neat.   

They wrapped the whole thing up with their half-time show.  This year was Bruno Mars ... which works surprisingly well given the number of brass instruments the band has.  It was awesome.  Loud, since we were in an auditorium, but awesome.

This is what good parenting looks like.
I should back up and mention that earlier that day Carl helped Rhiannon move into her new apartment.  I wasn't there for that, since it happened while I was at work.

I mention it though because with Rhiannon here for a couple of weeks we had extra furniture in the living room.  Which further meant that there really wasn't room to also have Christmas in there.

So Friday morning Carl and I got up and cleaned the bejeebers out of everything, put up the Christmas village, went to all the stores, came home and put up the tree, discovered most of our lights are buggered (note to self:  buy new lights on after-holiday clearance this year), decorated the tree, ate festive Hanukkah fried chicken, had some wine, and then decorated for Rhiannon's graduation party.

Did someone say graduation?

That's right-- Rhiannon graduated magna cum laude, with university honors on Saturday.  We were at Murphy Center at 8:15 Saturday morning to watch my beautiful baby girl complete another major milestone with grace, excellence, and general ass-kicking.  (She smuggled in her knitting and worked on a sock throughout the ceremony.  That's my girl.)  I may have cried.  Just a little. Er... not about the knitting.  About the graduating.

Get a load of this beauty.
Right after graduation we rushed back to the house (by way of Jimmy Johns, because someone forgot to eat breakfast) to finish getting ready for her party.  

We had several friends over to celebrate with Rhi, eat a little nosh, and drink a little champagne.  It was completely lovely.

And then...

(you thought surely I was done, didn't you?)

...and then we got ready to go to my office Holiday Party.  The party was supposed to last from 6:00 to 9:00, but Carl and I bailed at about 7:15.  Lame, but I was so tired and I figured I'd done my due diligence and made an appearance.

I was sound asleep on my couch by 9:30.  What a party animal!

So today my major ambitions have been:  knit a swatch, weave in some ends (there will be some FO posts soon!), and embrace the lifestyle of the roly poly sloth.  

It's been a great weekend, full of really big doings.   As I post this Morgan and Carl are making latkes and jelly donuts.   When I announced that I was too tired and something had to give they looked at each other and decided that they were on it.  

I am entirely delighted, and am choosing to be at peace if some of them are pink.  (There was talk of beets).  There are consequences to choosing not to be involved, and I am prepared to accept them.

Happy Festival of Lights, y'all.
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