Thursday, July 16, 2015

One Bite at a Time

I'm still doing that scattershot thing I was doing a few weeks ago, where I am working on a bajillion things at once.  If by "a bajillion" you mean "like three or four."  And I do.  It seems to be working for me though, since all three projects that I was working on back then are finished now.

This time I'm bouncing back and forth between my pink Fork in the Road socks, pattern by Lara Neel,

Two heels, no waiting.

Carl's Big Dude Socks (which have done some unfortunate regression due to size and fit issues),

The opposite of progress.

My Colors of Fall KAL Trillian, pattern by Martina Behm.

I'm a little farther along than this, I'm recycling old pictures.
#lazy #imbloggingfromwork #fightme

and a fourth thing that I can't show just yet because it's giftish.  Yeah, I know.  "I'm knitting a thing that I can't show you, or describe, or even talk about" does not make for exciting blogging.  On the bright side, it's moving quickly enough that I'll either finish it fast and be able to post it, or lose focus entirely and it won't matter.  (That's me, redefining the silver lining since 1973).

Speaking of progress, our floor is still coming along nicely.  I'm back at work, but Carl is soldiering on and has all of the puttying and last I heard most of the sanding done.  There is even a chance that a coat of finish went down today.  

This was taken before the bulk of the sanding was done.

Meantime everything in my house is covered with a fine layer of sawdust.  When I got home on Tuesday it looked like Carl had aged 30 years.  His hair and beard were a much paler blonde. That night the dust was falling fast enough that I decided I'd better eat my bowl of ice cream quick if I didn't want it garnished with a fine mist of red oak.

Things continue to proceed apace.  The living room project seems to be so much less stressful that our bedroom was last winter, for which thing I am grateful.  I do miss my couch though.

In any case, this week's theme seems to be something along the lines of that old adage, "How do you eat a whale?"

"One bite at a time."

(Or possibly, "With Tabasco"... one of those.)
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