Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy Panathenaia

Yesterday was a day of adventures here at chez woolly.  We observed Panathenaia and then split up -- the ladies went to the market at SSK over at Scarritt Bennett, and the dudes headed off to McKay's to drop off some books and look for treasures to bring home.

Panathenaia is a festival that was held in the month of June in honor of Athena.  "Festival" in our case means "picnic."   We took a packed lunch up to Centennial Park and ate together after going to the conveniently local Parthenon.

We tend to be an informal lot, most of the time; we don't have specific rituals or prayers that we do for Panathenaia -- it's more about taking the time to be present in Athena's temple (and by present, I mean awake, paying attention, listening, and really being there).

Friends of the show will remember that my decision to learn to spin was prompted by Athena.   I need to continue with that process, take the Craftsy class that a dear friend gifted me, and just spend time with my wheel.  

Several of us spent time knitting in the temple before heading off to lunch.

For me, it's a way of honoring Athena as a Goddess of Fiber Arts.

I often think of Athena, and ask her blessing when I'm practicing my crafts.  She inspires me to try harder, seek excellence, to do my best work, and to move outside of my comfort zone and learn new things.

After lunch, our fiber adventures continued over at the market for the Super Summer Knit-together, a retreat held by the Knit Girllls in Nashville every year.   They had the market open to the public from 1-4 p.m. so off we went.

I did a little damage.

So, to sum up:  yesterday was awesome.

This is already forever long, so I'll keep my update on "this week's projects" brief.   I've worked on my Fork in the Road socks (and in fact, finished them yesterday, so a FO post will be forthcoming), Carl's socks, the super-sekrit thing I'm not talking about, and I picked up Trillian and then set it right back down.  I don't think I actually added any stitches to it.  I just held it a minute.

Sam the Griffin (I just now decided that his name is Sam) was very gracious in holding our socks for photographs.  He's very patient.
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