Monday, May 18, 2015

This, That, the Other Thing, and Stash Dash

It's been another week of jumping from project to project here at chez woolly.   Most of my knitting time has been spent between two projects that I probably won't get much use out of until this winter.

The first is the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli that I've been talking about.  I'm to the stripy bit, and can't wait to add the bright pop of blue into the mix.

I'm actually a little farther than this...I kept knitting after I took the picture.
The yarn is pretty nice to work with -- though the construction makes it prone to being splitty.  It's basically a blend of silk and cashmere singles that the vendor selects and plies together, so it's kind of a "DIY" yarn-- pretty clever, really.  And that color brown is my jam.  

I also cast on When You Wish by Amy Kenagy out of my Into the Whirled in the "il tramonto" colorway on the Manchester Sock base.

I love how different the yarn looked in a cake (and in mid-project) than it looked in the skein.  It's the very best kind of surprise.

I keep telling myself that I'm going to stop buying variegated yarns, but then I don't listen to myself.  So I just need to keep finding patterns that can mix it up and prevent flashing, pooling, and other assorted color-related shenanigans.  

I've also cast on mates to both pairs of socks that I finished last week.  The pink one is past the cuff, and the purple one isn't even past the first row yet ... but it's on the needles by golly, and that counts.

Stash Dash

And to completely change the subject... I am seriously thinking about playing along at home during Stash Dash.   Stash Dash is a summer stash-using event sponsored and run by the KnitGirllls.   The idea is to finish projects during the summer months, and the total yardage should be equivalent to a 3K, 5K, or (for the very hardy) a 10K.   

Best part is, works in progress totally count, and you can count ALL the yardage of a completed project.   There are knitters out there finishing all but the last five rows of a sweater in preparation for this event.   While I'm not that much a gamer (I lie.. am just not that organized well enough in advance), I do have a fair number of projects on the go.   

I probably won't post officially, because frankly that sounds like too much work, but I plan to track my yardage here.  A 3K is about 3281 yards.  I could totally wrap that much up this summer.  Hell, last summer I knit four sweaters.

(I totally just doomed myself.  You don't even have to tell me.)

What are you doing to keep the things you love interesting and fun?  
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