Monday, March 30, 2015

That's How We Essay

My post on Project Polygamy last week sparked some interesting conversations.  Several people mentioned that they get anxious, stressed, or just don't like having a lot of projects on the needles at once.  We all agreed at the end of the day though that the number of projects one is comfortable with is, as one of the grand dames of quilting would have said, a Personal, Private Measurement.

Which is to say, your mileage may vary, and that's okay too.

I did realize later that calling it a “treatise” was stretching the matter a bit.  I certainly laid out the problem, but my actual argument amounted to a screencap of Marvel’s Loki saying, “You’re not my real dad!” to Thor.

And that is how we essay here at chez woolly.

In other news, after all that protestation, the sweater that started it all is little more than a wee bit of shoulder shaping and some back-neck action.

I know it doesn't look like much, but there's a sweater in there.

The temperatures dropped again, like they do -- just in case the fruit trees were starting to get their hopes up.  It was cold enough that I decided to work on my Cosy Stripes Afghan...while buried underneath my Neat Ripple Afghan.  It was like that.

Of course today, now that it's Monday, it's back to lovely out.

My handy-dandy spreadsheet tells me that I'm 35% into the stripes.  I'm waffling back and forth on whether to do the edging.  I think I will -- or at least that's the direction I'm leaning, because the Cosy Stripe pattern doesn't make for a tidy edge.

I'm also now more than half done with my third Hitchhiker.  I joined the second ball on Saturday.  If it had been a little warmer, I might be closer to done, but Sunday required serious blanket time.

I've worked a bit on Carl's socks too (I don't have a good, current picture though.  It's still pretty brown, and looks like a sock.  Use your imagination).   I need to get him to try it on, as I'm not convinced about how I've handled the decreases and heel flap.  I may be taking the whole thing back and trying something new.  I've decided to be mellow about it.  I want them to fit him, so I may have to do some tinkering.  All part of the process.

In acquisition news, I got a 9" 1.5 US (that's 2.5 mm) circular needle to play with.  I think that may be the only common way of knitting socks that I haven't tried.  Out of DPNs, two circs, and magic loop, I tend to prefer the two circs.  I decided to give the one 9" circular a try to see what that's about.

Seems like that might also be a good way to do fair isle mittens too.  Although I'd need to get some US 3s... well anyway, socks first.

I might have also gotten some yarn.  There might have been a bit of a Knit Picks... incident.


One of the colorways is "Faun" and the other is "Turkish Delight."  I couldn't not.  And no, that isn't all I bought.  I had to qualify for free shipping didn't I?
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