Thursday, March 05, 2015

How Did She Do? February is For Finishing 2015 Round-up

So, I finished three of my twelve projects   Which, on the outset, does not seem all that inspiring.   But I beg, before you pass judgment on my industry or its lack, consider these factors:

  • The three objects I finished were each barely started at the beginning of the month.
  • Great labor and toil was spent ripping out and re-knitting at a larger size the body of a top-down raglan sweater.
  • I finished three other projects at the end of January.
  • Being judgmental is bad for you, and doesn't win you any friends.

I finished the Mullspice Hat, the first link of my BFF Cowl, and Maurice, the Hippopatomas of Love. Since I already blogged about all three of them earlier this month, I won't tired you with more here.

I also frogged Emelie.

So that's where all of my stitch-markers went!
 So where I did have 12 projects, I now have 9.

What's that?  You say that 12 - 3 - 1 does not equal 9?

You didn't really think I'd be five days into March without casting something new on, did you?

I mean, come on, how long have you known me?
And lest you were concerned that you'd be doomed to read about the same sorry eight remaining projects over again next year, fear me not.  I'm still working on them too.

Some of them.

I make no promises about the red shawl.

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