Monday, January 14, 2013

Dream the Impossible Dream

After the bags, baskets, and buckets were all turned out, the corners swept, and the dust settled, I have eleven projects currently on my needles.

It is worthy of noting, I think, that on Friday I had fifteen, but I frogged two and finished two, and so eleven.

Last year I ended February with five projects on my needles:

Nemesis -- 50 %
Dr. Who Scarf -- 40%
Amelia -- 20%
The Lotus Blossom Tank -- 5%
Watergarden Cardigan -- 5%

And this year, there those projects sat, at very nearly the exact same state of completion (or, uncompletion, rather).  Well, I did cast on the second Aptly Named (Nemesis) sock, so there's that.  And I had more than 20% of Amelia on the needles, but I don't actually remember putting any of it there.  But no.  Didn't really touch 'em.  Knit a whack of other stuff, but none of those.

So now is the time when we are asking ourselves, "Do we actually want to knit/wear/own any of these things?"   And Lo, we looked our hand knits deep in their beady little eyes, and this is what we discovered.

Nemesis:  I am in blood so far stepped.  (My bestie Koren convinced me not to set them on fire.)
Dr. Who Scarf:  Hell yeah.  All your nerd cred are belong to us.
Amelia:  Eh.  Not really.
The Lotus Blossom Tank:  Mmm.  Not so much.
Watergarden Cardigan:  I think so, but fair isle steeking is intimidating

So, I screwed my courage to the sticking place and frogged Amelia and The Lotus Blossom Tank.  They are now both ex-parrots.   (We watch a lot of Monty Python here at chez woolly.  Please excuse me.)   I've started working on Aptly Named (Nemesis) again, and if I play my cards right I might have that little bastard of a second sock knocked out before February.

I've decided that my major push for this year is the Dr. Who Scarf.  It's been too damn long on the needles, and the Yarn Harlot has recently shamed me.

All of which means, if I finish the Dr. Who scarf and the Aptly Named socks, then I will only have one item on the needles that's more than a year old come March 1st.


(Okay, sure there will still be a whack of new stuff, but those of you who have witnessed Februaries past will surely realize what a coup this will be.)
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