Monday, August 25, 2008

She Stuck the Landing

Behold! Four pairs of socks, where a mere two weeks ago there were none.

I'm feelin' pretty pleased with myself just now.

Admittedly, I did originally enter five pairs in the competition, but as I'm sure you remember, one pair was DQ'd for being ugly. I decided I didn't actually want those socks, so I'm going to bury the first one under an oak tree in the park and never speak of it again.*

So, to recap.

Child's French Sock
Pre-Olympic: 20%
Post-Olympic: 100%

Anniversary Socks
Pre-Olympic: 25%
Post-Olympic: 100%

Mnemosyne Socks
Pre-Olympic : 25%
Post-Olympic: 100%

(still no picture, as I am wanting to submit this pattern for publicaton)

Swirlus Interuptus
Pre-Olympic: 75%
Post-Olympic: 100%

*With all due respect to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
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