Monday, August 04, 2008

Ravelympics Roll Call

I'm trying to get something like unto a real grasp of what I've set myself up for in the coming weeks.

In descending order of nearly-finishatude:

1. Child's French Sock ~20% complete. I have not yet turned the heel of the first sock.

to knit: 1.8

2. Anniversary Sock ~25% complete. I am in the process of starting the gusset of the first sock.

to knit: 1.5

3. Mnemosyne* ~25% complete. I am turning the heel of the first sock.

to knit 1.5

4. Eyelet Sock 50% complete. I have one entire sock.

to knit 1

5. Swirlus Interuptus 75% complete. I am decreasing the gusset of the second sock.

to knit 0.5

Total Olympian effort required: 6.3 socks. More or less.

Which, unless math fails me entirely (as it is wont to do), comes to a whopping 0.37 socks a day.

I can do that.

*This is a pattern that I am designing with an eye towards publishing, so I won't be posting pictures. But I've knit half a sock, I promise.
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