Monday, August 18, 2008

Many Socks

I've been kicking sock-butts and takin' sock names.

Or something.

Mixed metaphors aside, I have made not inconsiderable progress on the sock knitting front. I've completed Nancy Bush's Child's French Socks, from Knitting Vintage Socks. Nancy Bush is my sock knitting hero -- so I'm pretty tickled that I've (finally) finished knitting one of her patterns. The pattern was written (or rather re-written) for size 1 needles, to fit a women's size 8 or 9. Since I am a size 9, but have rather large ankles than I'd like, I decided to size it up a bit by using a thicker sock yarn and size 2s. Long story slightly shorter: I knit them with Knitpicks Gloss in Woodland Sage, using 2s. It worked a treat, and the only other adjustment I needed to make was to knit fewer repeats of the pattern since my row gauge was also different.

Current Standings:

Swirlus Interuptus Socks: 100%
Child's French Socks: 100%
Eyelet Socks: 50%
Mnemosyne Socks: 55%
Anniversary Socks: 35%

I have just about completely decided that I am not going to finish the Eyelet socks. I just really don't like them enough. So -- this is not a "who do we kick off the island" kind of decision, made out of concern for what not to finish should I run out of time. Rather this is a "what was I thinking when I knit the first one? This looks like woolly arse!" kind of decision.

Therefore, with the Eyelet socks removed from consideration, that means that I have to knit approx. 2.5 socks in the next 6.5 days.

I guess I'd better get to it, eh?
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