Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Kilter is Askew (Cockeyed Even)

You get extra points if you mentally followed up reading the title of this post with "askew means cockeyed."

(As a side note, when I went to look up the quote to reference it, I realized I've been misquoting it for years.  I always say "cockeyed means askew."  ::the more you know gif::

Wow, I haven't even started this post yet and I'm already seriously off-track.

That's what it's been like all week long.  I finally caught the cold that my husband has been fighting for over a week, and I have the attention span of a not terribly bright gnat.  Running is temporarily off the menu, but I am keeping my step count up, because I'm determined not to loose focus.  As soon as I can breathe again, I'll be back in the game.

On Sunday I was sitting in a sunbeam, trying to breathe and single-handedly keeping Kleenex in business, surrounded by four different projects.  I'd pick one up and work on it for a few minutes, and then I'd set it down.  Then I'd forget what I was doing and pick up another one.  I couldn't settle on any one thing, didn't like any of it, and was too stupid to cast on something new (and thank G-d I realized that before something truly disastrous happened).  

Early Onset DaVinci Disorder
I manged to actually make some good progress, despite all the jumping around.  My Cosy Stripes Afghan is sitting pretty at about 48% complete.

This Thing is Gonna Be Huge
I really love how cheerful it is.  I foresee more crocheted afghans in my future.  I'm already debating between a solid Hex modular design, the Groovy Ghan, or to possibly take a departure and knit a log cabin blanket.  Or I could finish the bull's eye blanket that I started two years ago.... NAH....

I also managed to salvage my Fork in the Road socks.  And I learned an interesting thing about sock fit in the process.  I really thought that the socks were too small.  They felt too small going on, etc.  But after I put them in time-out for a few days, I took them out and really examined the fit.  The 64 stitch cast on was actually fine.  The problem was I didn't knit the "gusset" part of the heel long enough before starting the decreases.   Having the heel be too shallow translated into the whole thing feeling too tight.  ::second use of the more you know gif::

So I pulled the heel back out to just past the decreases, added more rounds, and Bob's
Yer Uncle.  Or rather, Bob will be your uncle, just as soon as I finish the heel back up for the second time.

This Sock is in the "Wrestling With an Octopus" Phase
I confess to being relieved to not have to frog three quarters of a sock.  That's the sort of nonsense that takes the wind right out of your sails.

I've also added some more length to my Monkey socks (see, I told you I was working on everything this week).

I've switched these over to a pair of 9" circulars.  I was getting a noticeable line between each of the DPNs (I hate starting a needle with a purl stitch, I can't ever get it to look right).  The 9" circular is a trifle fiddly, but totally took care of the weird line.   I don't think I'm going to become a full convert to this needle type, but I can definitely see where it would come in handy.

I've also got an FO (or two!) to report, but they warrant their own posts.

So that about sums up my (very disjointed) week.  How are things out there with you?

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