Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Most Rare and Wondrous Thing*

I've been doing quite a bit of crafting here in the koff-monthandahalf-koff that I have been quiet.

I bailed completely on my Mar-Apr Sock Club Socks (they were Not Meant To Be), but I cast on some spiffy new May-June Socks, about which later will I blog. I've also been working on some pretty yellow socks for Rhiannon, and --get this-- I actually finished my Checkerboard Twist socks. I know! I was shocked too!

(Confession time. Knitpicks recently had a sale on sock yarn. Someone may have gone a little overboard. Someone best be knittin' some socks, if she'd ever like to use any of it.)

Anyway -- I'm now down from three pairs of socks on the needles, to two. And one of those is well in to the second sock.

And lest ye think I only knit socks, let me reassure you... I only MOSTLY knit socks. I've also been working on a Super Sekrit Projeck, and dreaming about scarves and fingerless mitts.

Oh -- and I've been quilting too.

See? I told you I've been busy.

* Dudes. I finished something.
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