Friday, December 05, 2008

Counting One's Blessings

As Jess pointed out in the comments, I have recently gone back to work. This was not something that I actively wanted to do, so much as an obligation that I had to fulfill (as part of being a good mommy is seeing to it that the lights stay on.) So anyway, back to work with me.

Earlier this week, Carl and I very quickly realized that I had been doing a lot more of the housework than I at least (he claims he knew) realized. I discovered this when I came home two days running to a house that was not only not neat, but was in fact, trashed. Crankiness ensued. Negotiations were entered into.

The good news: Carl started doing laundry again.

The bad news: my hand knits were in that laundry.

The good news: Socks made of Knitpicks Dancing don't shrink when you wash and dry them!

The bad news: Socks made of Knitpicks Essential do.

The good news: Both pairs of Dancing socks went through the laundry together, so all environmental factors remained consistant.

Tha bad news: The Riverbed socks (made of the Essential) did not go through together. So only one of the socks shrunk to hell and back.

The good news: Morgan is getting a new pair of socks.

I just hope that when I wash and dry the second sock, it stays the same size!

(And to give the tragedy the sense of scope that it deserves (as well as some much needed scale) here is a picture of the two socks in their current state:

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