Thursday, April 20, 2006

That Which Is

While I don't actually sit around and try to come up with abstruse or bizzare titles for my posts, I do seem to have a knack for it, don't I? I want to show a bit of my current projects, and a bit of what I'm lining up to work on next. Hence the title. These fall under the "That Which Is" category. Tune in for "That Which Will Be" and pictures of upcoming projects.

First we have That Shawl. You know the one. The one I will be knitting during Ragnarok, when I bless out Fenris for eating the sun, because its TOO DARK TO SEE TO KNIT!

And a close up of the lace edging:
This beauteous piece of work is in Knitpicks Shadow, a 100% Merino lace weight wool in "Oregon Coast" The variagations in this yarn are lovely.

Behold sock #1 of "Gladd Raggs." I'm way behind the group on this bad boy, they were supposed to be done on April 1. Alas. Woe. Etc.

I'm actually considerably farther along on this now than I was when the picture was taken. I've turned the heel and begun decreasing the gussets. I've also altered the pattern to continue the lace down the front of the sock. We'll see how that goes, ya?

And finally, of course, Rowan's ARRRRR Pirate Sweater. Since this picture was taken I've actually worked the intarsia up to the crossed bones. I hate intarsia. In case I hadn't mentioned that yet, here in this forum, let me just put it out there in front of godandeverybody, I hate intarsia. Evil, evil, needleart from tartoros. (Please note that I am not objective on this subject.) So why am I knitting this sweater, you ask? Dude, have you met my son? He has Jedi mojo, a helmet of +2 Cuteness and Persuasion.....I'm besotted. Is the thing.

You can't see much from the pictures. It's black and cream Lion Brand WoolEase, and all but about 2/3 of the front is completed.
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