Friday, February 18, 2005

A Very Woolly Discipline

Hermione Granger, whom we all know is the cleverest witch of her age, has little use for divination. Possibly it was Professor Trelawney's vague mutterings (which were often interupted with sharp interjections promising doom, doom, DOOM!), or perhaps it is simply too imprecise for Hermione's highly logical mind. Arithmancy is clearly a more intellectual, more advanced, more tidy discipline.

What, I hear you asking*, does that have to do with knitting? Why, gentle reader, nothing of course! Or at least not much. The idea for the name of this blog came from the phrase Hermione used to dismiss Divination as a magical art, a "woolly discipline". If I have one besetting sin, it is my love of language, puns and playing on words. Knitting, too, is a woolly discipline.

Now that I've played with the idea for a while, I'm finding myself fantasizing about using knitting as a form of divination. Are mistakes made, that must be ripped out, portentious? How does one read the twists and turns of an aran cable pattern? What does "yo k2tog" tell us about the future?

Yeah, okay..... now I'm just being silly.

* actually I made that up—I don't really believe that anyone is reading this.
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