Sunday, February 20, 2005

Faroese Style Homespun Shawl

Somehow that sounds like it ought to be oxymoronic. You'd think that "Faroese" and "Homespun" wouldn't hang out together in the same sentence. "Prairie" goes with "Homespun", ya know?

Oh well, I didn't name the pattern I just knitted it. Blame the magazine Cast On (Spring 2004, pg. 44) and "The Lion Brand Design Team" —whoever they may be.

Unfortunately, I'm kinda camera impaired at the mooment, but I can assure you its lovely green. I'm a little disappointed in it, but I'm given to understand that lace looks like poop until you've blocked it, so I'm not consigning it to utter ickdom yet.

ETA: The husband says he likes it, the daughter says she wants it, and I finished it in 5 days. Go me! Woot!
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