Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How's the finishing going my chickadees?

It's going swimmingly over here at chez woolly. I am making great strides towards finishing my Man Sweater — the back and left front both completely done and the right front is thiiiiiis close. After that it's sleeves and making up, and voilá! a sweater!

In celebration of all of this nearly done-atude, I've been feverishly searching for the Next Great Sweater Project. Also, my best Jess is right about at the same place (or a little ahead) of me on her Man Sweater, so we've started talking about our next 'along. We're thinking of knitting something for each other this time. So, a future post will be published regarding my plans for the future. Stay Tuned!

P.S. March is for Making Mates might be a bust this year, as I'm focusing pretty much all of my energy into my sweater, and haven't actually finished any socks. I don't have any "Plain Jane" socks on needles right now, just two Nancy Bush patterns. These are less well suited for travel knitting. Oh well.
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