Thursday, March 10, 2005

I did it! I did it! Uh hunh, uh hunh, uh hunh

Since my last update I've actually finished three things.

Rhiannon's shawl was finished last Friday evening at Hermione's coming of age ritual. It is exactly like mine, except that it is a) blue-ish and b) attractive. I don't know why mine didn't turn out as well, but I'm registering a formal protest. Pics will be forthcoming, I promise.

Yesterday, I finished the sweater that my beautiful and talented daughter is modeling below. I actually began it around two years ago (during the first phase of my knitting obsession.) I finished it entirely, up to the neck, and then I put it away and wandered off. I am not entirely sure why, lest it be that the neck is stupid. Two years ago, I didn't have the knitting chutzpah to change a pattern if I didn't like it. Yesterday, I got it out and encountered my first issue. I had the sweater, I had the yarn, I had the needles. I had the pattern. What I did not have was a clear memory of what size I was knitting it in. Happily, there were stitches on a stitch holder at the back of the neck that I could count, and determine the size. Then did issue number two arise. The neck is stupid.

Not one to be conquered by the same inanimate object twice, I put it down and went and whined to my good friend Jess. My knitting confidence thus restored, I went back to the sweater mines with the newly formed motto: Directions are for Sissies!

That's right folks, I just picked up stitches, made a command design decision and vwa-olee, its a sweater.

Morgan sporting her new Color Block Sweater Posted by Hello

And then (you thought I was through, didn't you?) and then, I picked up another sweater that I had abandoned and started to work on it while watching geek TV. I quickly came to two conclusions. The first: intarsia was invented by satan, because he hates us and wants us to suffer. The second: I picked the wrong damn yarn for that sweater. Happily, Koren, who is brilliant, said "Its the right width for a hat. Just decrease it and stitch it up the side." We quickly confered over the numbers and lo! It was a hat. And it was good. And pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself. And I do.

I'll get pictures of the hat up as well.
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